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Police Investigating Intentionally Set Fires

The Lincoln City Police Department is requesting the assistance of the public with their investigation into several fires that have been started in local wooded areas. Over the last few weeks, North Lincoln Fire and Rescue and the Lincoln City Police Department have responded to several fires in and around the Agnes Creek Open Space. Officers, Firefighters, and Citizens have worked together to put out these fires, which could have threatened residences in the area.

At this time LCPD has seized evidence from these fires, which is being analyzed at the Oregon State Police Crime Lab.

However, the Lincoln City Police Department is reaching out to the public to request that anyone with any information about these fires come forward. These are clearly intentionally set, human-started fires. These are not accidental camping or cooking fires. The Echo Mountain fires remain fresh in the minds of the people who lived through them and LCPD and North Lincoln Fire Responders wish to prevent any further disasters in the area.

If you have any information about who is starting these fires, or if you see anyone suspicious in the area, please contact the Lincoln City Police Department at 541-994-3636. If you have seen something or someone suspicious in the area of the fires please contact us. Hikers, nature-enjoyers, and others frequent this area to enjoy the natural beauty, but any information about people intentionally lighting fires would be greatly appreciated.

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