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Port Of Newport Discusses International Terminal Usage

Bringing more business to the International Terminal was recently discussed at a work session of the Port Commission. Port Commissioners were updated on a grant submission to U.S. Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration (MARAD) for the purchase of equipment. If successful, the $3.4 million grant would be used to purchase large log handlers, yard trucks, and perform some site preparations in anticipation of contracts with logging companies.

“We are applying for this grant because it will create opportunities,” Miranda said, explaining that conversations were underway with some possible future users of the terminal. “In every situation, we don’t have enough equipment, so if people bring their own, we don’t make any money on that, and it is harder to find customers,” she said. Fishing vessels that are members of Midwater Trawlers are major users of the International Terminal. Heather Mann with the Midwater Trawlers Association said “Thanks to Paula and the commission for being really transparent,” she said. “We are supportive. We think this is a great opportunity.”

The Port Commission unanimously voted to ratify and approve the match letter for the grant, which indicates the port’s willingness to contribute 20 percent to the project, which equals $687,940, if the application is successful. In other action, the commission also voted to approve an agreement with the Oregon Department of Transportation for annual inspections of the Port Dock 5 pier. Currently, ODOT performs inspections on the NOAA MOC-P pier as part of their bridge inspections services. Both piers are used at times by vehicles, qualifying them for inspection at no cost to the Port.

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