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Port of Newport Starts Work On Port Dock 5

The construction phase of the long-awaited replacement of the Port Dock 5 pier will begin in earnest on Tuesday, Jan. 26, at the Port of Newport. Contractors will begin driving pilings to create a temporary pier to accommodate pedestrian traffic while the existing structure is replaced. As a safety precaution, individuals using the pier to access vessels moored at Port Dock 5 will be routed along its eastern side. Port officials ask that those individuals limit their use of the pier as much as possible and discourage those without fishing vessel business to stay off the pier while the project is underway.

Port officials and construction managers are committed to minimizing the impact on the fishermen as much as realistically possible. “We anticipate two instances where the project will have significant impact on those who use Port Dock 5,” explained Port Director of Operations Aaron Bretz. “The firs time will be when the transition has to be made from the pier over to the temporary walkway and then when they shift back to the new pier once it is complete,” he said.

Bretz projects the transition to the temporary pier will happen in February and the shift back will occur in May. Otherwise, impacts should be minimal. Whether they be significant or minimal, any anticipated shifts in pedestrian traffic or changes in access to Port Dock 5 will be announced on the Port’s Facebook page and website. For more information about the Port Dock 5 pier replacement project, visit www.portofnewport.com To visit the Facebook page, go to www.facebook.com/portofnewport.

Information and photos provided by Angela Nebel Port of Newport

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