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Principal Named For Toledo Jr/Sr High School

Toledo Jr/Sr High School Vice Principal and Athletic Director Chloe Minch has been named principal of the school and will begin the role July 1, 2023. Minch said she is excited to continue to work with a dynamic staff and to give our Boomers a positive school experience that prepares them for the futures they want to have. ‘In my current position, I have enjoyed working with our administrative team and staff to create systems and structures that can support our students' needs,” Minch said. “ I am also energized by our staff's willingness to try something new and that they find value in learning from each other.”

Minch has over 10 years of primary education experience with the Lincoln County School District (LCSD). She was hired as a middle school math teacher in 2012 after graduating from the University of Portland In 2020, Minch started as an administrator for Newport Middle School when she took on the position of assistant principal. She received her graduate degree from Concordia University Chicago. LCSD Superintendent Dr. Karen Gray said Minch has been a successful and effective vice principal for the last two-and-a-half years and is more than ready for this principal leadership opportunity.

“Minch is a dynamic leader,” Gray said. “Her highest value is student relationships and her vision for student learning and student experience in school is top drawer. She has been honing her skills as an academic leader for a number of years before coming to Newport Middle School as vice principal and now at Toledo, she shines even brighter.” Brent Belveal stepped out of retirement to serve as interim principal at Toledo Jr/Sr High for the 2022-2023

school year. Kathy Beyer will continue as assistant principal for the 2023-2024 school year.

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