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Sea Turtle Rescued From Waldport Beach

A cold-stunned Olive Ridley sea turtle is recovering at the Oregon Coast Aquarium after stranding at Beachside State Recreational Site near Waldport. Upon reaching the beach, staff identified the turtle as an adult male Olive Ridley, clearly in need of assistance. Aquarium staff transported the turtle back to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, where they conducted a full intake exam. A temperature check confirmed his cold-stunned status. At just below 60*F, the turtle’s body temperature was 15*F below the norm. Over the next several days, staff have transfered the turtle to increasingly warm baths to raise his temperature without shocking his system. While initial exams and x-rays suggest the turtle is in decent physical condition.

While his prognosis remains guarded, Aquarium staff report that he is active and alert, his spicy personality having earned him the nickname Sir Acha. Over the past week Aquarium staff have worked round-the-clock to care for Sir Acha. He receives daily fluids, antibiotic ointments, nutrition, warm water baths, and check-ups from veterinary staff. While his prognosis remains guarded, Sir has reached his target temperature and remains active—two important steps in his recovery. Once veterinary staff confirm he’s fit for travel, he’ll be transported to SeaWorld San Diego for long-term rehabilitation and eventual release.

Huge thanks to the citizen who reported this stranding. If you find a sea turtle on Oregon’s shores, immediately note its location (include coordinates if possible) and contact the Oregon State Police at 800-452-7888 or the Marine Mammal Stranding Network in Oregon, Washington, and California at 1-866-767-6114.

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