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Sheriff's Deputies Attempt To Locate Suspect

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public’s assistance in locating Joshua Leigh Slauf for multiple counts of encouraging child sex abuse 1. Joshua is a 36-year-old, black male 5’7”, 190 lbs., he was last seen with a shaved head and large earrings, possibly gauges in both ears. Joshua drives a 2006 white Ford Freestyle minivan, Oregon license plate #139NNP as pictured here.


Joshua was last known to work and reside in south Lincoln County area but appears to have abandoned his residence and employment. There are some indications he may have left the State of Oregon. If observed, do not approach. Please contact the local law enforcement nonemergency dispatch number or 911 if necessary. Any additional tips or information should be relayed to Detective Anthony Bettencourt at 541-265-0683 or abettencourt@co.lincoln.or.us.

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