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Sheriff's Office Recognized

Last year, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office personnel responded to more than 23,759 calls for service ranging from criminal investigations of all types to mental health crisis interventions, animal complaints, and ordinance violations. To maintain a consistent and professional response aligned with 21st Century Policing practices, the Sheriff’s Office relies on comprehensive, up-to-date policies.

Recently, the Sheriff’s Office was recognized by the Lexipol Connect program for achieving Gold level status for consistently and effectively disseminating policies to deputies, issuing timely policy updates as laws change, and ensuring deputies are trained on these policies. Lexipol is the nation’s leading content, policy and training platform for public safety agencies; the Connect program tracks the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office performance on five metrics proven to measure success in policy management.

“Policy– and regular training on policy- is crucial to the success of this office. We are proud to be recognized by Lexipol Connect for continuously improving professionalism and safety,” stated Sheriff Curtis Landers. Sheriff Landers continued, “I am very proud of this accomplishment. We consistently strive to deliver a standard of excellence through our policy efforts which help reduce risk for our personnel and those we serve.”

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office excellence in policy and policy training enhances community safety by ensuring consistent, effective response based on national best practices.

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