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Sleep With The Fishes Returns To The Aquarium

Passages of the deep (photo by OCAq)

Oregon Coast Aquarium (OCAq) is excited to announce the relaunching of its highly popular “Sleep in the Deep” program, once again giving guests the opportunity to “sleep with the fishes.” The sleepover program takes place in OCAq’s iconic Passages of the Deep exhibit, an underwater tunnel coursing through three unique ocean habitats where guests can snooze while surrounded by sharks, rays, wolf eels, and other sea creatures, and join in special after-hours tours and activities.


The Sleep in the Deep program, which has remained the most asked-about program at the Aquarium, resumes in January 2024 after a three-year hiatus prompted by health precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic. For some, participating in a pelagic slumber party has been years in the planning — and waiting. “The program is fantastic,” said OCAq Education Manager Jeff Harms. “Our guests love it, and so do our staff. There’s something special about seeing someone’s face light up when they enter Passages of the Deep.”


Starting in January, the one-of-a-kind sleepovers will take place Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the first and third Friday of the month. Sleepovers require a minimum of 20 participants and are limited to a maximum of 60 participants total. Anyone interested in spending the night surrounded by sharks and other sea life can find a full schedule, answers to frequently asked questions, and reservation forms online at aquarium.org/sleepovers.


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