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Squid Fishery Commercial Market Meeting

Oregon commercial squid fishers, processors and anyone interested in commercial market squid are invited to a virtual public meeting Thursday, May 20 from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

ODFW fishery managers are seeking input on directions given to them by the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission to evaluate several items including forming an industry advisory committee, a limited entry control date, net size restrictions, and vessel monitoring systems. This direction was given at the Commission's March 2021 meeting. Input will also be taken on an orderly development of the fishery, gear conflicts, bycatch of other species, and squid harvest sustainability and attendees will be updated on the market squid fishery.

  • Meeting ID: 160 578 8076

  • To join online from your computer, tablet, or smartphone: https://www.zoomgov.com/j/1605788076

  • To join by teleconference using your phone:

Dial by your location:

1-551-285-1373 US 1-669-254-5252 US (San Jose) 1-646-828-7666 US (New York) Outside the US, find your local number: https://www.zoomgov.com/u/ahAR25Jj6

Oregon's market squid fishery is fairly new as far as commercial fisheries goes with a few pulses of effort in the mid-1980s through 2015. The fishery took off in 2016 around the same time that surveys started to show market squid populations increasing off Oregon. Marine biologists theorize the population growth may be due to warmer than normal ocean waters off the Pacific Northwest driven by climate events such as El Nino and marine heatwaves.

Check Oregon's commercial fishery for market squid website for more information or contact ODFW offices in Newport at 541-867-4741 or Charleston at 541-888-5515. For questions or comments, contact Troy Buell at 541-867-0300 x225.

Information and photos provided by ODFW

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