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Stolen Boat Recovered

The Tillamook County Sherriff's Office took a report of a stolen boat/trailer/motor that was taken from in front of the Port of Garibaldi workshop at 3:30 am on Sunday March 5th. The boat is owned by the Port of Garibaldi, but was a former police patrol boat. The boat has Lincoln County Sheriff graphics on one side, Klamath County Sheriff graphics on the other.

Surveillance video showed a dark pick-up with a silver tool box in the bed and some some light colored accents on the fender and door hooking up to the trailer. According to Tillamook Sheriff's Deputy Chris Rondeau, lead investigator for the case the stolen boat has been quickly recovered and two male suspects were arrested and taken into custody.

"Somebody saw the truck and trailer going down the road in the Woodburn area, and they recognized it from the Sheriff's Office Facebook post Rondeau. "They called 911, coordinated with local police and they were stopped. There were two suspects in the vehicle, both had warrants and both were arrested. The truck they were driving is not currently entered as stolen, but that investigation is continuing. Arrangements have been made and Port of Garibaldi staff will be retrieving the undamaged boat and trailer.

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