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Surveillance Camera Registration Program

Newport Police Department announced they are offering a Surveillance Camera Registration Program. The purpose of the program is to provide community members and businesses with a means to assist the Newport Police Department in preventing and fighting crime, with the help of exterior video surveillance cameras. The program allows residents and businesses to register the locations of their exterior video surveillance systems with the Newport Police Department, so when a crime occurs, police will be able to identify the locations of nearby video cameras easily and efficiently.

Through the program, Newport Police personnel are able to directly contact registrants who are using video surveillance in an area where a crime occurred, and request recordings for a specific date and time that may show activities tied to a crime. The goal of the program is to partner the Newport Police Department with the Newport community to deter crime and promote public safety. Accordingly, all camera registrants agree to follow terms and conditions:

• Participation in the program is voluntary and at no cost to registrants. • Once a year, the Newport Police Department will contact participants to confirm the registered cameras are operational and the participant still lives at the same location. • Participant information will be used by the Newport Police Department only for official purposes. Participant’s personal information that is tied to, or associated with their registration will be kept confidential by the City, except as required by law. • The Newport Police Department may ask participants to check recordings for a specific date and time should officers determine there may be video evidence of a nearby crime. • Any footage containing, or related to criminal activity, may be collected by the Newport Police Department for use as evidence during any stage of a criminal proceeding. • The Newport Police Department will NOT have direct access to participant’s video system. • Under no circumstances, will participants construe they are acting as an agent of, or employee of the City of Newport or Newport Police Department. • If participants wish to withdraw from the program, registration can be canceled at any time.

Interested community members are encouraged to visit our website at https://newportoregon.gov/dept/npd/srp.asp. Registration only takes a few minutes.

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