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Tillamook Forest Center Open For The 2019 Season

The Tillamook Forest Center opens for the 2019 season on Friday, March 1, kicking off with a presentation series for minds that are curious about Oregon’s forests and a sculpture exhibit showcasing dead trees turned into art.

Fresh Brewed Forestry features scientists from the Oregon Department of Forestry offering a behind-the-scenes peek at how the agency manages forests for Oregonians. The series starts at 11 a.m. Saturday, March 9, tackling the vital role bees play in Oregon’s forests, where they are, and how we can protect them. Forest entomologist Christine Buhl will discuss how Oregon is enhancing pollinator health and habitat, and what forestland owners can do on their properties to be part of the effort. Future topics include the relationship between biomass and carbon reduction and how soil recovers after a wildfire. Coffee and tea will be provided.

Through May 26, visitors can see the art of Martin Conley, who sees value in dead trees often discarded by others. Some of the sculptures can be up to 8 feet tall. He carves holes and grooves in the wood, exposing cavities, colors and textures once hidden behind a weathered exterior.

For a full calendar of events and to learn how you can visit or volunteer at the Center, visit tillamookforestcenter.com.

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