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Tired Driver Crashes

On 11/21/2020 just after midnight a Ford Flex was southbound on Highway 101 near Yachats. The car drove out of the southbound lane and struck a sign post before continuing south and striking a guardrail end along the western side of the roadway. The vehicle then continued down and embankment and came to an uncontrolled rest after impacting several trees. Multiple airbags deployed inside the vehicle, and its emergency crash notification system notified 911.

The driver and sole occupant, identified as 35-year old Apollonia M. Case of Newport climbed out of the car and departed the scene on foot prior to the arrival of emergency personnel. She was located at Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital in Newport at approximately 10:45 AM. Case had sustained minor injuries and had arrived at the hospital in a privately owned vehicle a short time prior. She reported falling asleep prior to the crash. During the investigation it was determined that the car did not have current liability insurance. Case was issued citations for Careless Driving and Driving Uninsured.

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