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Toledo City Manager Announces His Retirement

On July 17th by mutual agreement the Toledo city Council and the City manager Craig Martin agreed to an early termination to Mr. Martin's contract. According to the agreement between Martin, the Mayor, and members of the Council each shares the conclusion that it is in the interest of each and the City that Martin elect to retire.

The Mayor and Council desire that Martin's retirement be a celebration of success and contributions Martin has made to the community. The terms stated in this Agreement are intended by the parties to supersede and supplant all prior agreements and understandings, whether explicit, implied, verbal, written or otherwise.

Martin's employment relationship with City of Toledo shall end effective upon the close of business on the sooner of two weeks following the commencement of employment of an interim or full-time replacement, or September 30, 2019. Martin hereby affirms his election to retire from City service effective that date. Martin's decision to retire is irrevocable.

If requested by the Mayor and Council, Martin will provide reasonable consulting, transitional assistance and litigation support (e.g. testimony for existing lawsuits) following the termination of his employment. If requested to serve the City in this way, the City will compensate Martin at the hourly rate of pay he earned during his last month of City full time employment.

According to Mayor Rod Cross the City appreciates Mr. Martins work as the City Manager. "We are working with the League of Oregon Cities and other outside agencies that assist cities in hiring of city management positions. We hope to have an interim manager in place by the end of August." During the search for a new city manager Cross assured that there would be opportunities for public input and involvement.

The final settlement agreement can be viewed on the cities website at www.cityoftoledo.org

Next weeks 'Coffee with Kiera' episode will feature an interview with Mayor Rod Cross.

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