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Traffic Stop Leads To DUII Citation

On 1/4/21 at approximately 8:16, on Hwy 101 just north of Boiler Bay State Police Trooper Wertz stopped a white Ford SUV for a routine traffic violation. Upon contact with the driver, identified as 61-year old Todd A. Drourr of Newport he observed several signs of impairment. Drourr reportedly admitted he was suspended and the Ford was not insured. While speaking with him Trooper Wertz noticed a suspicious container tucked in the visor. When he asked about the container the Drourr removed it from his visor and hid it in his center console.

He consented to Safety Field Sobriety Test's and performed poorly. He admitted to recently using marijuana and using methamphetamine within the last few days. He was taken into custody for DUII. While performing a wingspan search with in the vehicle Trooper Wertz located the previously mentioned container and found it to contain a user quantity of methamphetamine.

Drourr was transported to Lincoln County Jail where he consented to a breath test rendering a result of 0.00% Blood Alcohol Content, he also consented to provide a urine sample. He was currently on misdemeanor probation in Lincoln County for similar charges. Lincoln County Jail declined to lodge the suspect because of COVID-19 restrictions. He was cited and released.

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