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Treated Wastewater Continues To Spill In Yaquina Bay

Since Wednesday December 28, 2022 a leak in a treated wastewater effluent pipeline

necessitated the diversion of treated Wastewater Treatment Plant effluent to Yaquina Bay

at 2001 SE Marine Science Drive in South Beach. The spill is approximately 50 gallons

per minute and will continue to spill until the pipeline can be fixed. This is treated, chlorinated water however contact with treated wastewater may be hazardous to your health. Signs are posted at the spill site.

The City has notified the Department of Environmental Quality as well as the Oregon Emergency Response System and is conducting sampling of the effluent water and Yaquina Bay. The city has also notified the Oregon Department of Agriculture and ODFW, they will make a determination regarding harvest of shellfish. The City has issued a purchase order to a contractor for repair, and repairs will commence when the weather allows. The weather window needed would be one which reduces flows so the City can do a shutdown of the pipeline for maintenance during a maintenance window. Ideally within the next week. The City thanks citizens for their patience as they works to repair the pipeline.

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