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Update From Superintendent Gray On Schools

The following is an update on the March 17, 2020 Executive Order from Governor Brown and the school district’s plans moving forward. There are MANY details for which we do not yet have an answer but we are discussing, planning and making student-centered decisions so that we can make sure that we are taking care of our staff, students and families. All Oregon Superintendents had time with the Deputy Superintendent of Oregon Department of Education (ODE) Colt Gill today and received clarification about the Executive Order.

Our Plans today include:

  1. We are waiting for ODE to give us guidance on how we deal with graduation and OCCC for dual college credit considerations. Instructional Time requirements are also being discussed by ODE. We will probably be crafting individual graduation plans with students and families in order to get our students through this. Please stay tuned.

  2. We continue to monitor guidance from AP and IB about external testing requirements.

  3. We will be implementing a Supplemental Learning Plan. This is a way for us to make sure that our students maintain both their academic skills and their communication connections with LCSD staff. There will be a combination of computer-based learning options and paper and pencil options. This work will not be graded. It is meant to keep education going with our children until school returns to normal. ALL students are included.

  4. Food delivery will continue through Spring Break on Tuesday and Thursday. While LCSD does not generally provide food throughout Spring Break we feel it is necessary for kids to know that they will get something to eat during this time so we are providing it but for only 2 days of the week. The food will be delivered the same way: at bus stops and in the parking lots of the 5 schools we had this week. Normal delivery again 3/30.

  5. There will be NO disruption of pay for any employee.

  6. The Order states: “A public school subject to this Executive Order may require school employees to report to work to assist with the provision of supplemental services and emergency management activities”. There are options as to how employees will report to work such as in person on site and also virtually. More info to come on this soon.

  7. By April 1, students and families can expect communication from LCSD about Supplemental Learning options for students.

  8. OSAA just extended its Spring season suspension until 4/29/20.

Expect communication from the District that follows up on the many questions you may have regarding this Executive Order which closes our schools until Wednesday April 29, 2020.

Please review our LCSD web page for more information. Also, ODE’s web page has much information about the education discussions for Covid-19. Please use them as a resource.

Dr. Karen Gray, Superintendent and Team

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