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Updated Gym At Kid Zone

Neighbors For Kids (NFK) has made another major capital improvement to their 7,600

sq. ft. youth facility in Depoe Bay, which was constructed and moved into in 2010. In late

February, NFK went from the original bare concrete floor to a new hardwood gym floor

using a beautiful beech wood material. This has significantly improved the multi-use area

of the facility. The indoor gym is used daily for physical activities, sports, games, play

time, and it works as a cafeteria for healthy meals and nap time for the preschool age

children. This area will be used in the off-hours by the U.S. Coast Guard and local fire

department, and it also serves as a venue for special events.

The gym is now a safer space and the high-quality flooring will benefit the community for many years to come. A special thanks to Scott Wales who laid the new gym floor over the course of 7 days. Scott is the Athletic Floor Division Manager at New Dimension Hardwood Floors in Eugene, Oregon. The idea of a different gym floor came up when Scott briefly toured the facility in 2019. Scott approached the owner of New Dimension, Kurt Vollstedt, in

December 2021 and he was in full support of this project. Scott went to high school at

Waldport High School in the 90’s and was a latch-key youth himself. Donating a week of

his time, Scott applied the skills and expertise from his career, giving back to the

community, creating something special and long-lasting for youth on the coast.

previous floor photo by Toby Winn

New Floor photo by Toby Winn

This unique project quickly gained momentum and generous funding from donors for the costs of materials. Other contributions came from Cascade Pacific Flooring Distributors - Eugene location, Bona Finishes, and volunteer Mark Scheid. It is a clear example of networking and social capital building. NFK’s staff, board members and the families they serve are grateful and very thankful to everyone who contributed! Although there were challenges during the pandemic, NFK’s Kids Zone programs have built back slowly and safely since February 2021 offering the preschool, after school and summer programs. Staff look forward to supporting the needs of children and families in Lincoln County.

For more information or to make a charitable contribution, please send

an e-mail to frontdesk.nfk@gmail.com or call 541-765-8990.

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