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Waldport Council Considers What To Do With New Building

The city of Waldport recently was given the building that was formerly Umpqua Bank. The city has been approached by a few organizations regarding occupying the space. The city staff had made a recommendation to move city hall to the space. During a city council workgroup meeting held last night (11/12/19) there was standing room only with citizens proposing using the building for the community by the Alsea Bay Center for the Arts. Waldport Arts Group decided to propose the opening an art center in the space, and the group has been working to be ready to take on that responsibility since late February.

Several speakers spoke to the Waldport Council about the Art Center proposal. The idea would be to give kids in the city a place to go and a variety of fun things to do including art, drama, music and dance. It was pointed out that these are programs that the schools no longer offer. As a result of hearing the public testimony the council decided to form a three person committee and draft a Request for Proposals (RFP) to take submissions from community groups that might be interested in utilizing the center and can show they are financially able to maintain the building, which is estimated to cost around $30,000 per year.

It was also pointed out that if the city moved city hall to this location it would still be in the tsunami zone, and perhaps a better location for city hall to move to would be up by the community college, out of the tsunami zone. This is also were the fire department is looking to relocate to as well. For more information about the RFP contact the Waldport City manager.

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