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Active Shooter Training

The Lincoln City Police will be conducting active shooter response training exercises on June 27 and 28, 2023 to better prepare officers to respond to an active shooter type event should one occur in our city. This training exercise will be taking place at the Taft Elementary School campus in Lincoln City, and we want to alert the public in hopes of minimizing any alarm or confusion that may occur when people see a large concentration of officers and police vehicles at the school. The training exercise will be occurring during summer break when no students will be present at the school, and the only school staff that may be present will be those scheduled to take part in the exercise.

Signs will be posted outside the school indicating that a training exercise is underway. This training event is not open to the public and access to the school will be restricted while the training exercises are being conducted. Should you have questions or concerns, please contact Lincoln City Police Department Lieutenant Jeffrey Winn or Lieutenant Eric Henderson at 541-994-3636. The Lincoln City Police thanked the Lincoln County School District for allowing the use of their building for this training exercise. The cooperation of all emergency response agencies and school district partners is crucial to helping keep the communities and citizens of Lincoln County safe.

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