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Additional Days Added For Pacific Halibut

Additional fishing opportunities are now added to the Central Coast Subarea spring all-depth recreational Pacific halibut fishery. Weather affected effort and catch in May and June so about half the quota (about 87,000 pounds) remains. Added angling days are July 14-16 and July 28-30, July 7-9 and July 21-23 were already scheduled to be open. Anglers are reminded to immediately record landed halibut on the combined angling tag. The daily bag limit for Pacific halibut is 1 fish per day. The Central Coast Subarea runs from Cape Falcon to Humbug Mountain.

During July and August (months when the sport bottomfish fishery is restricted to inside of 40-fathoms) During days open for all-depth halibut fishing, either a combination of sablefish, Pacific cod (sablefish and Pacific cod are part of the 5 fish general marine fish daily bag limit) & other flatfish species (no other bottomfish species) or longleader gear fishing for 10 midwater rockfish species may be retained when halibut are onboard the vessel. Longleader gear must be used, rockfish cannot be retained from halibut or regular bottomfish gear. Longleader gear fishing may be combined with an all-depth halibut trip but only outside of 40 fathoms, and once rockfish are onboard, NO FURTHER HALIBUT FISHING IS ALLOWED. More information on the recreational Pacific halibut fishery can be found here.

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