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Aggressive Man With multiple firearms Arrested At Beverly Beach State Park

On Friday August 2, State Park Rangers at the Beverly Beach State Park encountered a 35-year-old male at a “hiker/biker” space at the park. When advised he could not park his vehicle in that area, the became aggressive with the Rangers. They broke contact and made contact the following morning Saturday August 3 at approximately 08:00 AM. The male, later identified as 35-year old Mathew J. Manser of Springfield was confrontational with Rangers again and was told he needed to leave the park.

He yelled profanities at the Rangers and told them they could not make him leave. The subject returned to his vehicle and took out three firearms, a Springfield XD-9 handgun, a Winchester 1300 12 Gauge shotgun, and an AR-15 style rifle and took off down a walking trail near his vehicle. He also approached the Ranger registration booth while carrying the weapons. A Ranger called 911 and reported the event to police. OSP was notified along with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

When LCSO Deputies arrived at the scene the male was began walking down the road toward the registration booth, while holding the rifle in a tactical “patrol” manner. Law Enforcement staged at an between the subject’s vehicle and the main park entrance, and the park was being evacuated by the Ranger staff. At approximately 09:36 AM, the male began walking toward the intersection. He had a 12-gauge shotgun slung on a bungie cord sling over his shoulder. He also had the Springfield XD-9 in a holster on the front of belt.

Manser had also put on electronic hearing protection earmuffs, commonly used by police, military, and recreational shooters while shooting. The male walked toward police and was confronted and challenged as he neared Police. He was initially argumentative but did eventually follow the verbal commands during a high-risk arrest. His weapons were removed and he was taken into custody without further incident.

An AR-15 style rifle was recovered from the suspect's vehicle. The suspect’s dog was picked up by the Lincoln County Animal Services Deputy and his vehicle was towed incident to arrest by Coast Towing of Newport. No one was injured during the incident. Manser was lodged at the Lincoln County Jail for Trespass 2nd Degree and Trespassing with a Firearm.

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