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Air Museum Damaged In Crime Spree

Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) Deputies are currently investigating a crime spree which occurred early this morning involving at least two suspects. While still ongoing, so far the investigation reveals that between the hours of 1:13 am and 6:00 am, at least two suspects committed numerous crimes in the Tillamook area.

Including: Several vehicles were broken into, and a vehicle was stolen from Burden’s towing lot. A forklift was stolen and used to damage a vehicle on Blimp Blvd on Port of Tillamook Bay Property. The vehicle which was stolen from Burden’s was then used to drive through the front doors of the Tillamook Air Museum and into the lobby at Blimp Hangar B, causing extensive damage.

The suspects abandoned that vehicle in the lobby, then broke a large window at the Stimson Lumber offices, gained entry, and used an axe to cause more damage inside of that building. Also, two semi trucks parked nearby, owned by Tillamook Bay Community College for their truck driver training program, were broken into and items were stolen from inside. One of the suspects, identified as 28-year old Taylor Hulbert, was found shirtless and sleeping near where the Forklift incident occurred. Hulbert was taken to Adventist Health Tillamook Hospital for evaluation.

Finally, a suspect walked into the lobby of the Tillamook County Justice Facility and began causing damage to electronics and photographs. The suspect fled on foot but was apprehended by Tillamook County Sheriff's Corrections Deputies. He was identified as 30-yar old Ryan Woods. An Officer from Tillamook City Police responded to assist, and Woods was taken into custody. Business owners have boarded up windows, cleaned up debris and have been taking inventory on what was damaged or stolen during this crime spree.

It is expected that more criminal activity will be discovered as the investigation continues. There is extensive video surveillance evidence being gathered of these crimes, and TCSO Investigators are asking businesses in the area to check video surveillance systems for any activity that may be pertinent to this case. If evidence is found, please call Deputy Ben Berger at 503-815-3392.

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