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College Seeks Community Education Instructors

Oregon Coast Community College’s community education program has presented a lot of offerings to Lincoln County in recent years. From “Shellfish Ecology” to “How to Play Craps,” and from “Disaster Preparedness” to “Tahitian Drumming,” the variety of what Lincoln County residents are passionate enough about to want to share with their neighbors never ceases to amaze. The college is searching for individuals within the community who are interested in joining in the fun, and sharing their expertise and knowledge through teaching noncredit courses in the Fall 2023 term.

As a vital part of the community, OCCC is committed to providing diverse and

engaging opportunities for enrichment and entertainment to the communities of Lincoln County. The noncredit community education program at OCCC serves as a platform for community members to gather, learn new skills, explore their interests, and foster connections. With a focus on art, nature, music, history, writing, hobbies, and much more, the program offers a wide range of subjects catering to various passions.

“We strongly believe in the power of lifelong learning and the impact it can have on individuals and the community as a whole,” said Dave Price, VP of Engagement at OCCC. “Our noncredit courses provide an avenue for local experts and enthusiasts to share their expertise and ignite the joy of learning in others. We encourage anyone with a passion for teaching and a desire to make a positive impact to consider joining us as a community education instructor.”

OCCC is actively seeking individuals who possess in-depth knowledge and a genuine

enthusiasm for their subject area. Whether it's painting, playing a musical instrument, exploring local history, discussing local marine life or other environmental issues, writing poetry, or engaging in various hobbies, the college welcomes all suggestions. No prior teaching experience is required. The Fall 2023 term at OCCC will run from September to late December, offering a flexible timeframe for potential instructors to design their courses and accommodate their schedules.

Interested individuals are invited to submit their course proposals to OCCC by July 13. The

proposals should include a brief course description and any relevant qualifications or experience. It is also helpful to include the site or sites where you prefer to teach – OCCC has locations in Waldport, Newport, and Lincoln City. To learn more about becoming a community education instructor at OCCC, please visit oregoncoast.edu/communityed. Or, call Dave Price or Talaina King, at 541-994-4166.

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