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County Prepares To Enter Extreme Risk Friday

According to Lincoln County Deputy Director of Public Health Florence Pourtal the county has seen a steady increase in cases since November 23rd. 154 cases were reported in Lincoln County between November 23 and December 13th. She said they are currently monitoring 162 contacts. Starting on Friday December 18th Lincoln County will move from high to extreme risk. In addition to the rise in cases, Lincoln County has also had 6 people in local hospitals with COVID-19. Some changes that will happen effective Friday, December 18 are:

* Indoor dining is prohibited while outdoor capacity reduces to 50 people.

* Faith institutions and funeral homes reduce indoor capacity to 25% or 100 people total, whichever is smaller. Outdoor services limited to 150 people.

 *Indoor entertainment, recreation, and fitness is prohibited.

 *Long-Term Care facilities may have outside visitation only.

 *Offices must require remote work if able and offices close to the public.

 *Outdoor recreation & fitness facilities are limited to 50 people.

*Outdoor social and at-home gatherings are reduced to a maximum of 6

people. Indoor social gatherings remain at 6 people.

Case investigators in Lincoln County have been completing detailed investigative interviews with all positive COVID cases. Public Health is keeping up on case investigations and contact tracing but are now asking the public to help by being proactive in notifications. Pourtel stated that they are watching the numbers carefully as since it is winter more people are spending time inside and they expect an uptick with some holiday get togethers. The majority of the cases they are seeing are workplace related and some social gathers.

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