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Deputies Care For Animals In The Evacuation Zone

Lincoln County Animal Services Deputies have been working 12-hour shifts feeding and caring for animals in the evacuation zone, and will continue to do so until everyone is able to return to their homes. The goal is to feed and care for animals in place as much as possible. If animals are injured or in harm's way, they are being cared for at the Lincoln County Animal Shelter/Fairgrounds and they will be posted on our Lost and Found Facebook Page.

All calls regarding animals left behind are being diverted from Dispatch to the Animal Shelter to clear lines for law enforcement. If you would like to report animals who were left behind, please call 541-265-0720 or follow all of the steps found on our Lost and Found website, including filling out the online form (the most important step) and posting on our Facebook page.

Calls to the Animal Shelter will reach Deputy Gouge and the Animal Services Deputies.

Salty Dog Hound Lounge has offered boarding assistance and to be a location to bring found animals in coordination with the Animal Shelter. If you have found an animal in the evacuation zone, remember you have found someone's beloved family member. Please report all found animals to the Animal Shelter so that we can continue to do everything we can to reunite families.

We also have resources to provide extensive medical care to all animals in need.

If you are willing to provide emergency boarding or foster an animal while they await their families, please complete the Questionnaire also found on the Lost and Found webpage.

Thank you for everyone's love and assistance! Please share this post to help reach all of the amazing animal-lovers in our community.

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