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Devils Lake State Park Asked To Be Open For Evacuees

Lincoln County Commissioners approved to send a letter to Oregon State Parks asking them to open up Devils Lake State Park for 423 evacuees. Lincoln County Sheriff Landers gave an update regarding the fires in North Lincoln County to the Board of Commissioners. The Governor has declared the fires officially as a disaster through FEMA. He said the forecast for upcoming rain is going to be welcome. He said it's important for people to know that the fire is still active. Landers reported he was doing a property check in the Highland area and noticed that there was a tree was on fire nearby.

Hwy 18 is now open with pilot cars guiding people around the work areas. Four fire crews from Idaho are here and helping out. The area East of East Devils Lake road is still an active fire area. They are also working on the areas of North Bank Road Panther Creek and Yodel Lane. Landers said this area is very difficult to get through because of all the damage. The National Guard is also helping to man the road block areas.

They are currently helping people to get an assessment of their homes. Those who need can contact the call center at 541-265-0621 open 8am to 8pm daily and give information about your property and Sheriff's Deputies will go out the best they can to give you a report about the status of your property. Landers said they are doing the best they can. As of yesterday they have had over 300 requests. He said this has been very hard on the deputies, and the fire fighters and first responders. They have a chaplain with the Sheriff's office who is on site to help.

Commissioner Hunt said he has been helping out in the call center and frequently gets asked about rumors of looters in houses in the evacuation area. He said there are deputies around the area 24/7 and they have not seen any evidence of looting or property damage in the regard only damage from the fires. He said that is another reason they are keeping these areas closed. Animal Service deputies have been assisting with checking on animals and making sure they are cared for.

Commissioner Hall reported that many of the Red Cross has now closed the shelter at the Newport Recreation Center. Many people have either been able to go back to their homes or are staying in local hotels and motels. The Red Cross has now opened a service assistance center at the Lincoln City recreation center. The county also updated it's county emergency declaration to include the wildfires. The Commissioners approved for Wayne Belmmont county council to move forward with an order that would allow the Thompson's Sanitary and Dahl Disposal to help out north county with garbage removal.

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