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Driver Arrested For DUII When She Tests Positive For Alcohol And Marijuana

On Thursday July 25th State Police Trooper Strasser was travelling south bound on Hwy-101 in Lincoln City. He observed a silver Audi sedan driving erratically in front of him. The car was weaving in and out of traffic, using no signal, and almost causing a crash with the close proximity of lane changes. He stopped the car and the driver, identified as 57-year old Debbra Noakes displayed numerous signs of impairment at the window. Trooper Strasser could smell an odor of an alcoholic beverage and marijuana as he was talking to her.

Noakes reportedly admitted to smoking marijuana before driving and consented to Safety Field Sobriety Tests however she refused to do continue doing them about halfway through. Noakes was placed under arrest for DUII and she was transported to the Lincoln County Jail. She consented to and provided a breath sample, which showed she had a blood alcohol content of .23%. Noakes was cited for DUII-Alcohol and Reckless Driving and was lodged at Lincoln County Jail.

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