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Driver Arrested On Fourth DUII Charge

On 01/10/20 at approximately 1:33 PM, Oregon State Police Trooper Eskridge was dispatched to a report of a driving complaint on Hwy-18 east of Otis. According to the information received, a maroon minivan was westbound from that area and was swerving all over the roadway. The same van was reported to have then been near the intersection of Slick Rock Creek Road and Hwy-18. The van was reported to have been unable to maintain its lane and had crossed the centerline, nearly causing a head on collision.

The minivan was located turning into a driveway located on Salmon River Highway and a stop for reasonable suspicion of driving under the influence was conducted. On contact the driver, identified as 34-year old Corey A. Quakenbush of Lincoln City appeared to be extremely visibly intoxicated. He did not know where he was and his speech was heavily slurred. He was identified with an Oregon ID card. Trooper Eskridge reported he could smell a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from his person. His eyes were heavily bloodshot and glassy. He appeared to be highly confused, and lethargic.

A check of his driving status showed he was Suspended/Revoked – Felony level. Mr. Quakenbush was also found to be on felony probation in Lincoln County County for DUII- Felony., with no alcohol conditions. He stepped from the minivan on his own accord and was unsteady on his feet. When asked if he would conduct Safety field sobriety test’s, he refused. He was taken into custody for DUII and Felony Driving while suspended without incident at 1:55 PM.

An empty alcoholic seltzer water was found sitting next to the driver’s seat. Quackenbush was transported to the Lincoln City Police Department where he was provided opportunity to provide a breath test under Implied Consent. He refused to provide a test under Implied Consent. He later provided a breath tests which showed a blood alcohol level of .23 percent nearly three times the legal limit. Mr. Quakenbush had three previous DUII convictions within the last ten years. PO Ken Krause was contacted and also placed a detention warrant on the driver. He was transported to and lodged in the Lincoln County Jail

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