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Heavy Rain And Wind Event For Lincoln County

Lincoln County emergency management has posted a notice for the predicted rainfall event from the National Weather Service beginning today through Saturday, December 21, 2019.

The concern for this weather pattern is related to the amount of rain in a short time-frame, 3-8 inches Thursday evening into Saturday morning. This event will have a greater impact on our small streams, creeks, etc. as they cannot accommodate an influx of rain in a short time-frame and may reach capacity or overflow quickly.  

The rivers, due to current levels, will be less impacted but may have some minor flooding in the low-lying areas. It is anticipated we will receive a Flood Watch for Lincoln County today as well. It should also be noted the National Weather Service has also issued a High Wind Warning for Lincoln County beginning today until Fri. Dec. 20th at 8:00 am. We will keep you posted, you can also listen to local radio on 97.5 KSHL.

Expect full to overflowing streams and creeks possibly in a very short time frame. Allow for extra driving time, check ODOT Trip Check or 511 before you go. Check on vulnerable neighbors, friends and family that may be affected. Periodically check your property, stream banks, buildings for effects from the storm event. Use sandbags to reroute water away from structures.

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