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Holiday Travelers Should Watch For Stormy Weather

Travelers throughout Oregon should be prepared for winter driving conditions this holiday season especially with wind and heavy rains forecast for the weekend before Christmas.

That could mean you might find swollen streams and rivers and perhaps slides while venturing out for holiday travels. And there’s a slight chance of snow at in the higher elevations, especially in the Cascades and the Coast Range.

That translates to know before you go. Go to TripCheck.com for the latest road conditions where you are, on your route and at your destination. Check the weather forecast, prepare for changing conditions and watch for landslides, downed trees and flooding. ODOT crews throughout Oregon are working to keep the roads as safe and clear as possible. We are your partners in helping you get where you’re going safely.

Here are some travel tips to remember:

Even with the best road conditions, the holidays are a busy travel time. Expect delays, plan ahead, allow extra travel time and know before you go.Watch the forecast along your route both for the trip out and the trip home. Conditions change as storms come through.Adjust your driving to the conditions you encounter. Slow down. Turn around and don’t go through flooded areas. Be ready for road conditions to change from wet, to ice, and watch for debris on the road from winter storms.Use caution going over mountain passes. Check the TripCheck.com cameras for conditions on your route.

Many camera displays include temperature, elevation and other helpful information. A blue dot will tell you the road conditions along with traction and chain requirements.Be ready for wintry road conditions. Carry chains and know how to use them. Put them on when directed or you need them.Pay attention to the roadside variable message signs. They contain critical information about real-time conditions, including crash and detour instructions.Pack supplies for you and your passengers in case of major delays.

Include food, water, blankets, warm clothes and medications. Have your cell phone charged. Don’t forget your pets. They will have needs too.Perhaps most important, make sure there’s a sober, focused and alert driver behind the wheel to help you arrive safely, wherever you may go. Buzzed drivers are drunk driving. Wherever you travel in Oregon over this holiday, be prepared for changing conditions. Please look out for each other, and be courteous so we can all get home safely.

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