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Igo Sentenced To 25-Years For Rape of Teenager

Christian Igo was sentenced on October 22 after being found guilty on August 13, 2021 of Strangulation, Furnishing Alcohol to a Person under 21, Sodomy in the First Degree, two counts of Sexual Abuse in the First Degree and two counts of Rape in The First Degree.

The courageous teenage victim spoke at the sentencing hearing and referenced the ongoing anxiety, trauma, and emotional damage she’s suffered since the violent assault.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Lynn Howard represented the State during sentencing and requested a 400 month sentence, the maximum allowed under the sentencing guidelines. She referenced the defendant's lack of remorse and empathy during the case pendency, including inappropriate statements he made during interviews with the detective, in attempts to make light of the allegations.

Deputy District Attorney Hollie Boggess, who had taken the case through trial, referenced in her sentencing memorandum that “There is no sentence on this earth that the Court could impose that can take back or fix the damage done by the defendant. It is something the victim will have to live with and work through for the rest of her life. A prison sentence is nothing compared to that, but a substantial sentence will provide some justice for the sexual and physical abuse she had to endure.”

After careful consideration of all legal arguments presented by both defense attorney and prosecution in their respective sentencing memoranda, Presiding Judge Sheryl Bachart imposed a 300 month prison sentence, 25-years. The District Attorney's Office

thanked Detective Henderson and the Toledo Police and Public Safety Department - Oregon, DDA Hollie Boggess, and the DA Victims' Department for their hard work and support throughout this case.

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