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Lincoln City To Receive $1 Million For New Park

Lincoln City Parks & Recreation (LCP&R) announced they are honored to receive $1 million from the State of Oregon for the continued development of a new community park in the historic Taft District. This recent funding was granted by the state during the regular legislative session.

LCP&R was one of several agencies in Lincoln County who will receive funding from the legislative "short” session that concluded in early March. The $1 million will go towards funding of the first community park built in Lincoln City in close to two decades, and will also be the first community park in the historic Taft District (southern area of Lincoln City) alone. The current vision of the park includes new open-to-the-public outdoor soccer fields and multi-sport courts (basketball/ pickleball/ tennis) in Lincoln City. Also included in the park conceptual plans is a large covered outdoor special event area, which can convert to multi-sport courts.

Since 2008, Lincoln City began talks with the Lincoln County School District (LCSD) to acquire the 6.71 acres, where the former Taft Elementary once stood, to build a community park. In anticipation of the park, the Lincoln City Urban Renewal Agency built a public parking lot with 61 spaces directly to the west of the park area. In December 2020, Lincoln City was able to purchase the land from LCSD. This $1 million in State funding comes in the wake of land surveys at the park land being completed by Lincoln City, so that landscape design may soon begin. Public open houses on the park design are being planned to start this Fall, offering the public an opportunity to voice their needs in park amenities.

Jeanne Sprague, LCP&R Director, comments on the recent new funding:

“We are excited by this funding, and greatly appreciative of the support by Rep. Gomberg, the State of Oregon, and our Parks & Recreation Advisory Board,” said Sprague. “This funding is a result of true community action and advocacy. The voices in our community have asked to have this park built, we’re listening and we’re moving towards the goal line. The building of this community park in LC is needed, public sports fields and public sports courts are needed. With that, funding is needed to make this park happen. We thank Rep. Gomberg for his support of the health and wellness of Lincoln City and County.”

David Gomberg, who represents District 10 in the Oregon Legislature, worked collaboratively with district staff, the Lincoln City Parks & Rec Board, and Senator Anderson to champion funding for LCP&R. During the short session early in 2022, Gomberg helped plead the City’s case for funding that will go towards the new community park development. For continued updates on the new community park development in Lincoln City, see https://www.lincolncity.org/departments/parks-recreation/new-community-park-taft.

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