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McKinney Slough Bridge Containment Fails

A containment form failed during bridge construction Saturday morning and about five cubic yards of low-density concrete was released along the McKinney Slough, 1.5 miles east of Waldport. Some material entered the water. Containment measures were put in place immediately. Hazmat crews responded and cleanup is underway. Construction crews were pouring a low-density concrete fill as part of a bridge replacement project when the spill occurred.

The OR 34 McKinney Slough Bridge, built in 1957, is being replaced with a new wider and longer structure that will be able to withstand a large earthquake. The new bridge is being constructed one half at a time. Crews are currently working on the south half of the new bridge. Traffic is restricted to one lane, controlled by a signal or flaggers at all times. Construction on the $5,430,550 project began at the end of October and will continue through October 2019. Project information is available at: https://www.oregon.gov/odot/projects/pages/project-details.aspx?project=19206

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