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Name That Park In Lincoln City

Lincoln City Parks and Recreation is excited to share some good community news: they’re planning and building a new Park in the wooded area of SE 3rd and Keel, just north of the Police Station. And they need a Park name. The park project is getting underway:  Starting on or after Oct. 7, depending on weather, a small section of the trees (20 total) will be thinned in the portion of SE 3rd and Keel, on the Western side near the dead end.

Selective thinning of these overly dense trees will allow for the play area, and will be beneficial for the forest surrounding the play area, as it will open up the canopy to allow healthy understory growth to develop. The project will use a method of tree removal that will minimize damage to other trees and the environment.

The next step will be building trails from the dead end area of SE Keel, east into the Park land, and south from SE 3rd St. These trails will lead to a ‘Story Circle’ area, which is a nature park amenity featuring logs and boulders as a sitting area. Lincoln City is the 1st city in Oregon to be funded for this Park project via a grant from the National Recreation and Parks Association and the Disney Corporation.

Lincoln City Parks & Recreation Maintenance staff will lay the trail, surfaced with wood chips derived from the thinning project. Then to celebrate, LC Parks & Rec is hosting a ‘Trail Party and Picnic’ at the new site, on or about Sat, Oct. 26, during which volunteers will lay the final materials on the trail. All are invited to attend this Party and Picnic! Follow their ‘Lincoln City Parks & Recreation’ Facebook page for info on this event.

In the meantime, Lincoln City is sponsoring a “Name our NEW Park” contest! If you have a great name idea, please contact LoRee LaFon, Parks & Recreation Ambassador at llafon@lincolncity.org for an application. All entries will be reviewed by the LC Parks and Recreation Board, City Management, with final decision from City Council. Winner of this contest will receive 1 free annual membership at the Lincoln City Community Center.

In the upcoming years (2020 – and on), Lincoln City Parks & Recreation plans to develop more of this park, which may include more trails, a dog park, a viewing station of the wetlands, etc. There will be opportunities for the public to give their input in this park planning, so stay tuned for those opportunities. Should you have questions or comments, please reach out anytime to Parks and Recreation Director Jeanne Sprague at jsprague@lincolncity.org, 541.996.1222.

Information and photo provided by City of Lincoln City Parks and Rec

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