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New Lincoln City Manager

After an extensive campaign to find an applicant for City of Lincoln City City Manager who has the qualifications and experience to maintain our population's growth and economic needs, the City Council has chosen Daphnee Legarza to be the next City Manager for Lincoln City. Mrs. Legarza holds an M.A. in Public Administration and an Engineering degree, licensed in both Oregon and Nevada.

She has 26 years of experience in supervisory and management positions with Las Vegas Parks, Public Works, and Engineering departments. Since 2017, she has worked with the Oregon Travel Information Council managing various interagency agreements with ODOT and other State and local partners.

Mrs. Legarza has significant experience in managing and organizing diverse city services and a strong knowledge of public works. As a current member of the Wilsonville Budget Committee, she is experienced in Oregon's public budgeting process. Her various managerial roles have provided her with extensive experience in finance, reporting, personnel management, land use, and labor law.

The City Manager's role is to plan and direct activities of all the City Departments and provide information to the City Council, acting as their policy advisor. They must also serve as the City's Chief Administrator and Budget Officer. In addition to understanding how local government works, this role requires exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, organizational management and development expertise, and proven leadership ability.

Mrs. Legarza has demonstrated proficiency in all these skills and requirements. The City Council found Mrs. Legarza’s character and dedication to support a knowledgeable staff makes her the applicant that fits what the City seeks to successfully involve citizens with their city and community.

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