ODFW Adopts Halibut Salmon And Halibut Regulations

The Fish and Wildlife Commission adopted regulations for several upcoming fishing and hunting seasons during their online meeting.

Pacific halibut regulations: This year sport halibut fishing will begin as early as May 1 in some Oregon subareas. See dates and quotas for each subarea at https://www.dfw.state.or.us/MRP/finfish/halibut/seasonmaps/2021_hbt_map.pdf

2021 ocean salmon fishing regulations:

  • Ocean waters off the Columbia River from Leadbetter Pt., Washington to Cape Falcon: Open for recreational salmon fishing for all salmon except coho from June 19-26 with a one fish daily bag limit and a 22" minimum length.

  • North of Cape Falcon: Open for all salmon beginning June 27 and continue through the earlier of Sept. 15 or quota with a hatchery mark selective coho quota of 42,400. There is also a Chinook guideline in this area of 7,200. The daily bag limit will be two salmon, but no more than one Chinook and all coho must have a healed adipose fin clip. Minimum length for Chinook is 22" and the coho minimum length is 16".

  • Chinook salmon on Central Oregon Coast from Cape Falcon to Humbug Mt.: Opened on March 15 and will continue through Oct. 31.

  • Chinook salmon from Humbug Mt. to the OR/CA Border: Open for recreational Chinook beginning on June 19 and continues through Aug. 15. The Chinook minimum length in all seasons from Cape Falcon to the OR/CA Border is 24".

  • Hatchery mark selective coho salmon season from Cape Falcon to the OR/CA Border: Open from June 12 through the earlier of Aug. 28 or the quota of 120,000 adipose fin-clipped coho. There will also be a much more limited non-selective coho season from Cape Falcon to Humbug Mt. in September. The September non-selective season will open on Sept. 10, and be open each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through the earlier of Sept. 30 or the quota of 14,000 non-mark selective coho. The open days in September may be adjusted in season. Coho minimum length of 16".

All recreational anglers are limited to no more than 2 single point barbless hook per line when fishing for salmon, and for any species if a salmon is on board the vessel. A taped version of the meeting is available on ODFW’s YouTube channel.

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