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ODFW To Host Virtual Meeting To Discuss Squid Industry

ODFW’s Marine Resources Program is hosting an online and teleconference meeting Thursday, April 16 at 6:30 p.m. – 9 p.m. to discuss and evaluate Oregon’s commercial market squid fishery. Due to the Governor’s Stay Home, Save Lives order, this meeting is held online and by teleconference only.

Marine fishery managers will discuss the current commercial squid fishery and monitoring results. Industry and public input is encouraged on topics such as orderly development of the fishery, gear or fishery conflicts, bycatch, and any squid harvest concerns.

Available information about the squid fishery and public input will be considered before deciding what changes may be warranted this year or in the future, such as weekend closures to allow uninterrupted spawning or rib line requirements to reduce bycatch

“Market squid live less than a year and go through ‘boom and bust’ cycles driven by environmental conditions,” says Troy Buell, State Fishery Management Program Leader. “Based on the rapid pace of the commercial fishery catch this year, it’s clear we’re in a boom time right now, possibly related to the Northeast Pacific Marine Heat Wave and the El Nino conditions in 2019.”

Buell said the mechanism that links warmer water to squid abundance isn’t clear although historically, abundance increases with warmer water off the Oregon coast. The current market squid fishery is approaching the record high 2018 season of 7,046,339 pounds landed.

Check Oregon’s commercial fishery for market squid website for more information or contact ODFW offices in Newport at 541-867-4741 or Charleston at 541-888-5515. For questions or comments, contact Troy Buell at 541-867-0300 x225

ODFW is holding this meeting to evaluate the commercial market squid fishery in accordance with Harvest Guideline requirements (OAR 635-005-0925).

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