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Operation Ship Shape

The Oregon State Marine Board, in partnership with 31 county sheriff’s offices and the Oregon State Police, will be looking for expired boat registrations and required equipment compliance on state waterways as part of “Operation Ship Shape.”  “Boat operators are required to have current registration decals on the bow of their boats and carry the Certificate of Number on board,” says Brian Paulsen, Boating Safety Program Manager for the Marine Board. “Make sure you’ve renewed your registration and put the decals on your boat correctly, or you could face a $265 citation.” 

Any boat powered by a motor – electric, gas, diesel, and all sailboats 12 feet and longer must be currently registered when on the water, even when docked or moored. This includes any kayaks and drift boats with an electric motor. Paulsen added, “Each current boat registration brings in additional federal funds which go back to boaters for program services.”  Motorboat registrations are valid for two calendar years and expire on December 31st of the second year. The cost for registration is $5.95 per foot rounded up, plus $5.  Paddlers with boats 10 feet and longer must carry a Waterway Access Permit. Three permit options are available: One week for $5, one calendar year for $17, and two calendar years for $30. 

Boaters can renew their registration or purchase Waterway Access Permits through the agency’s Boat Oregon Store for the fastest service. After completing their online transaction, boaters with motorized boats can print off a temporary permit. Waterway Access Permits can be printed directly after purchase. Multiple purchases can be made under one online transaction. The agency’s online store has a $1.50 portal provider fee. If you need assistance online, please contact the Marine Board at marine.board@boat.oregon.gov or call 503-378-8587. There's also an online help page acclimating new users to the store. 

Marine officers will also be looking for the required safety equipment. “Life jackets are the most important safety equipment boaters must carry, and there must be enough on board that fit every passenger,” Paulsen adds. “We’ve seen three years of declines in boating fatalities and want this year to be the safest on record. In 2023, 11 out of 13 victims were not wearing a life jacket, so find a life jacket you’ll wear for the type of boating you’re doing.” For any titling and registration questions, visit Boat.Oregon.gov and click on the Title & Registration tab at the top of the page. 

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