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Power Outages Continue

Pacific Power crews are continuing to work on restoring power to customers in the Lincoln City area. There are currently 1,116 without power due to the fires and damaged lines. Lincoln City police ask residents to please remember the traffic lights and most businesses will not be operating while power is out. Treat all unpowered traffic lights as four way stops and continue to use your headlights during time of limited visibility.Pacific Power crews continue to work closely with emergency responders inspecting damage and restoring service to customers across a wide region of Oregon still being devastated by historically severe wind-fueled wildfires.

Pacific Power is encouraging all customers to be prepared for prolonged power outages by having on hand adequate food, water and back-up batteries. Forecasts indicate high winds will subside Thursday and restoration will accelerate where possible. In many instances, Pacific Power crews need to stay clear of fire-ravaged areas until given permission by local firefighting authorities. Additional crews and line personnel have been deployed and are assisting in outage restoration efforts. Customer care agents are also on the job to answer your inquiries. Pacific Power urges customers and all residents to keep themselves informed of local alerts and follow guidance from emergency officials.

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