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Search And Rescue False Alarm

On 06/12/2021, a wilderness guide from Indiana reported hearing a whistle from the north while hiking the Cooks Ridge trail on Cape Perpetua. The guide and her group were familiar with the standard practice of blowing a whistle 3 times as a sign of a hiker in distress and contacted the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office (LCSO) and the Oregon State Police (OSP) to report the concern. LCSO and OSP coordinated their response, which resulted in the activation of the LCSO Search and Rescue (SAR) Team. SAR conducted extensive searches of the area and were able to locate and make distant contact with someone whistling as described by the wilderness guide. After triangulation the location of the whistling party to within a 200 foot area, contact was made with several campsites. The whistling then stopped. The area was searched thoroughly and no endangered party was located. LCSO would like to remind the public that using whistles while hiking can cause alarm and initate emergency responses, such as the above. Each SAR member dressed in red is an unpaid citizen volunteer. Our SAR volunteers devote huge amounts of their time and resources to serving our county, and we are forever grateful for their efforts.

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