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Toledo Mayor Honored

Three mayors were presented the Mayors Leadership Award, and three mayors

received the Award of Merit during the closing banquet of the Oregon Mayors Association Summer Conference, held July 29-31 in North Bend. For the Medium City category, the award was presented to Rod Cross, the mayor of Toledo. Ten people nominated Mayor Cross for this award, all of whom applauded him for his unwavering commitment to the city of Toledo, his ability to effectively find common ground on all issues, and his kind and welcoming demeanor.

Highlights of Mayor Cross’s achievements over the last year include:

leading and championing the Arts Revitalization of Toledo Initiative; making sure all council members are heard and their time, including personal time with family, is respected; opening his city’s doors to impacted by the Echo Fire; and helping local businesses find solutions that allow them to grow and expand in a manner which respects the needs of the city of Toledo.

Awards in both categories were provided to mayors representing small, medium, and large cities. OMA Honors Mayors with Leadership & Merit Awards those communities.

The Mayors Leadership Award, and the Award of Merit recognize the invaluable contributions made by Oregon mayors in their communities. Mayors who receive these awards generally: show considerable involvement in community affairs and intergovernmental relations; demonstrate exceptional skill in helping to facilitate productive relationships between their city council and city employees; and help other Oregon mayors reach their full potential as community leaders.

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