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Vaccine Shipment Delays

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Lincoln County Public Health learned that the Moderna vaccines still have not shipped from their production facility in Tennessee. The Oregon Health Authority is in close contact with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) regarding the vaccine shipments. Currently, it is unknown if the vaccines will ship this weekend or if the delay will continue into next week.

Lincoln County was expecting 1,200 vaccines this week (500 prime and 700 second

doses). In addition, we were expecting 1,300 vaccines for next week (900 prime and 400

second doses).

This delay caused five clinics this week to be rescheduled to next week. The software

systems used to schedule and send reminders had technical issues and reminder notices

were confusing or incorrect. Over the last two days, staff have worked to send correct

notices to over 1,500 people, including calling all of those who had emails that bounced

back. Lincoln County was a leader in the state in getting vaccines to people as quickly as

possible after receiving weekly allotments. This ambitious effort by our community

partners was working, but also had some unforeseen repercussions.

One week our allotment was reduced to zero vaccines so other counties could catch up, and then this week we had to postpone clinics because we did not have any extra vaccine on hand. As a result of these events, the multi-agency coordinating (MAC) group has made the

decision to refrain from scheduling new clinics until we have vaccines on site. The County

will keep some vaccine in reserve each week so we can avoid rescheduling clinics if there

are delays in delivery again. If the shipment of 1,200 vaccines arrives by Monday morning, we will have the following clinics next week. All these clinics were filled from our wait list last week and are currently closed to new registrations.

 Tuesday February 23 rd , Lincoln County Commons (Fairgrounds) 1 st dose

clinic – (rescheduled from 2/16/21)

 Tuesday February 23 rd , St. Clair (Taft) Fire Station 1 st dose clinic –

(rescheduled from 2/18/21)

 Wednesday February 24 th , St. Clair (Taft) Fire Station 1 st dose clinic –

(rescheduled from 2/16/21)

 Wednesday February 24 th Lincoln County Commons (Fairgrounds) 2 nd dose

clinic – (rescheduled from 2/18/21)

 Thursday, February 25 th Lincoln County Commons (Fairgrounds) 2 nd dose

clinic – (rescheduled from 2/19/21)

 Senior Living or Nursing Homes: Lakeview, Sea Aire, and Oceanview 2 nd dose

vaccines will be administered at the facility.

There is no concern with the effectiveness of these vaccines after a delay. They have

been kept in cold storage at the production facility, and Moderna does not require ultra-

cold storage. Also, a week delay in the second dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine

will not reduce its effectiveness. The CDC guidance states the 2 nd dose should be given

at least 28 days after the first dose, and there is no maximum interval between the first

and second dose.

While we wait for vaccines to arrive, the MAC group and community partners are working

on setting up additional sites for vaccine. The Siletz Community Health Clinic has agreed

to help vaccinate people in the Siletz and Logsden area who are on the county wait list.

The county is finalizing agreements for clinics in Waldport and Toledo. Home healthcare

providers will be delivering vaccine directly to housebound people on the wait list. Public

health is also reaching out to pharmacies to help deliver vaccine, should we get additional

shipments from the federal distribution program.

If you have any questions or need help signing up for a vaccine, Lincoln County has a call

center to help. This call center is staffed by local people who are happy to assist anyone

with questions about COVID-19 or the COVID-19 vaccine. To contact them, please call

541-265-0621 or email LincolnCoCallCenter@co.lincoln.or.us.

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