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Warning Of Increased Chance Of Sneaker Wave On Oregon Beaches

With the increase of both tourists and surf rescues in Recent days warning such as this should be taken extremely seriously. This is a very real and all to often tragic danger of the Oregon coast. If you visit the beach please do so safely. Do not climb on logs, rocks or cliffs and never turn your back on the ocean.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has issued a Special Weather Statement effecting The Central and northern Oregon coast. There will be an increased chance for sneaker waves on beaches

during the day Tuesday. Sneaker waves run up on the beach significantly farther than average waves. These waves can knock people and pets off their feet and sweeping them into the ocean. Beachgoers should stay off rocks and logs on the beach as

sneaker waves can move these large objects. People have been seriously injured in the past when a sneaker wave causes a rock or

log to roll onto them.

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