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"Weedman" Pleads Guilty To Stalking

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

The Lincoln County District Attorney's office sought charges against Edward Biggar, known locally as "The Weedman" after a complaint of Stalking was issued against him by local business owner Sharon Biddinger. He plead guilty to the charges on Friday July 26th 2019 in front of Judge Benjamin.

The complaint was made in July of last year (2018) when Biggar was working as an independent contractor for a local marijuana shop off 15th street in Newport. He was hired to stand on the corner and hold a sign promoting their product. The problems started between Biddinger, owner of Simply Design Studios, and Biggar when he was asked to not twirl his sign in front of her business.

Biddinger told him she has no issue with marijuana, but works with families and teens and didn't want the promotion of the product across the street, in front of her business. He was trespassed from the property by Newport Police after continued complaints regarding him being outside her business in the alcove and on the back steps. He said he was only trying to do his job promoting the marijuana business.

After the stalking order was in place Mr. Biggar was seen on surveillance video at Fred Meyer standing behind Mrs Biddinger and watching her while she was in the store, until she turned around and saw he was there, this was a violation of the stalking order. turned to social media to blast the photo studio stating Biddinger was "anti-marijuana". He even took a video of Mrs. Biddinger's husband telling him to not stand in front of the business and to leave his wife alone.

In the guilty plea Biggar admitted to engaging in repeated and unwanted contact with Mrs. Biddinger causing her to have reasonable apprehension regarding her personal safety, which is why she filed for, and was awarded by Judge Cramer protection in the form of a stalking order.

In court Mrs. Biddinger showed multiple surveillance videos showing Mr. Biggar outside her business and following her to her car. There was also evidence of him driving by the studio late at night, while she was working alone. Video surveillance showed Mr. Biggar pointing at the business and waving while dancing up and down the sidewalk as he held the marijuana business sign. He was also seen on the back stairs that lead to her office.

Mrs. Biddinger was granted stalking order against Biggar, barring him from being within 50-feet of her and from being on the east side of Hwy 101 in front of Biddinger’s business. He was also not supposed to be loud enough for anyone at her business to hear him.

The Lincoln County District Attorney issued an arrest warrant for Biggar in January, after evidence showed he had violated the stalking order. As part of the guilty plea he will take part in a diversion program and Mr. Biggar shall not have any contact with Mrs. Biddinger or her business. He will do 30-hours of community service and pay a program fee of $100 along with court costs.

After these conditions have been met within 180-days all charges for Stalking will be dismissed. Mrs. Biddinger said “This entire situation has been a nightmare for me and my family and I am happy that the community now knows the truth of what happened.” "I am grateful to the District Attorney's Office and the community for their support during this trying time."

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