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Wildfire and Evacuation Updates 9/9

The following is an information update from the Lincoln County Emergency Operations Center

Current Evacuations:


Mountain Fire)

Level 3 LEAVE NOW Evacuation Notice

All of East Devil's Lake Road

NW 40th north to Hwy 18, from Ocean to East Devil's Lake Road

Hwy 101 from NE East Devils Lake Road to N Three Rocks Road

Hwy 18 from milepost 0 to Rose Lodge

NE Highland Road and all roads off of this

N. Slick Rock Creek Road

N. Boulder Creek

N. Sundown Drive

N. Bear Creek Road

S. Schooner Creek Road

N. Meadow Place

N. Mable Drive

FR 25 Road

Level 2 – Get Set Notice

N. Widowcreek Road

NF 1861

NW 40th south to 12th St., from ocean to East Devil's Lake Road.

NE East Devils Lake Rd and all side roads.

LEVEL 1 - Get Ready

12th St. south to Hwy 229 (Kernville Hwy).

N. Schwartz Road

N. Salmon Berry Lane and all side streets

Road Closures/Limited Access/Detours:

Road Closures – Due to fire: Tripcheck.com

Hwy 18 – Hwy 101 junction to milepost 7

Hwy 101 – Kernville Hwy 229 north to Hwy 18 (mileposts 104 – 120)

Road Updates:

State Highways, www.tripcheck.org or 511

County Roads – check the county website – we will post the information to this update


Special District – currently special road districts do not have a centralized way to report

their closures – Lincoln County will post information as they receive it.


Newport Recreation Center (open 24 hrs a day)

225 SE Avery St, Newport, OR 97365.

Open for Evacuees.

The Red Cross is onsite.


Barnyard Animals - Livestock County Commons - 633 NE 3rd St, Newport, OR 97365

o The Lincoln Commons is available 24/hours with pens, buckets, water and hay for livestock.

o Users of the facility must be prepared to care for their animals.

o Users must register and check in with a volunteer during the day and during their stay at the


Companion Animal Supplies - Dogs, Cats and Pets

If you have evacuated with companion pets and need supplies. There are companion animal

supplies available at Animal Shelters entrance at 510 NE Harney street.

Do not leave pets behind. Pack food, medication, bowls, crates, leashes, poop bags, litter box/litter, blankets, and vaccination records to be ready to immediately evacuate.

Make sure all of your animals (pets and livestock) have identification.

If you need to evacuate quickly with cats and you do not have a crate, two laundry baskets, pillow cases, and plastic totes work in a pinch.

Be ready to care for your pets in your vehicle as emergency shelters are not taking pets at this time.

Salty Dog Hound Lounge at 1345 SE 23rd Drive in Lincoln City is helping with boarding and may be reached at 541-921-5905.

If you must leave livestock behind, open gates so they can escape the fires.

For connections to livestock resources, you may post at PNW Animal Natural Disaster/Fire Evacuation Resource Group or call the Animal Shelter and we will post for you.

If you know of an animal in need, or pets left behind, please call Dispatch to reach Animal Services at 541-265-0777.

You may call the Animal Shelter at 541-265-6610 x 6 for additional guidance and support.


Weather Updates:

The National Weather Service is the best resource to receive up to date information on current or forecasted weather conditions: https://alerts.weather.gov/cap/wwaatmget.php?x= Watches, Warnings or Advisories for Lincoln County Oregon.

This page shows alerts currently in effect for Lincoln County Oregon and is normally updated every two-three minutes. Please see here for other state and listing by county.

Download the FEMA mobile app for weather alerts: https://www.fema.gov/mobile-app.

Power Updates:

The most up-to-date information is available directly through your power service provider.

Power Company Website Phone

Central Lincoln PUD https://clpud.org/ 877-265-3211

Consumer Power https://www.cpi.coop/ 541-929-3124

Pacific Power https://www.pacificpower.net/ 888-221-7070

Safety Message:

Check on neighbors, friends, family, and outdoor animals to make sure they have the resources they need to be safe during this wildfire event (heat, food, water, medical and animal needs).

Be cautious when removing tree debris from your driveways and/or homes or other structures –

unstable debris can create a safety hazard while removing. Try to work with more than one person or make sure someone knows you are outside and have time to check in.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – Generators or other devices powered by fuel that cause fumes should be placed outside the house to ensure safety. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that often goes undetected, striking victims caught off guard or in their sleep. The National Safety Council recommends you install a battery-operated carbon monoxide detector in your home near the bedrooms.

Boil Water Notices: Check directly with your service provider if you are on city water service that may be disrupted during this event.

Driving Conditions: Our weather and road conditions in many areas in the county are still considered dangerous driving conditions.

If you are choosing to leave your home during a power outage be sure to turn off all major appliances especially any items on a stove or heating device. When the power is restored the heating device stove will reheat and possibly become a fire hazard.

Health and Medical Resources:

If you have a non-emergency medical supply need (meds, oxygen, supplies) contact your primary care provider/supplier first. If they cannot assist you contact the Lincoln County Public Information Call Center at 541-265-0616. If this is a medical emergency call 911.

Air Quality:

There is not a local air monitoring station in Lincoln County. If visibility is under a mile, then air quality is very unhealthy or hazardous. If smoke prevents you from seeing more than three miles in any direction, air quality is poor. This means you may want to stay indoors or take other precautions.Weather and smoke levels can vary dramatically during wildfires. This can vary not only daily, but also hourly. Smoke may also affect one part of a community but not another. This can make it difficult to provide you specific health warnings, especially when conditions change quickly. Some people may experience health effects even when the air is unhealthy for a short time. It is important to take precautions based on your individual health and the smoke levels around you. This may mean staying indoors when air quality is poor. It may also mean not exercising during these conditions. If air quality remains poor–generally, for more than one day–then the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the health agency can issue a health advisory. Refer to the Oregon Smoke Blog http://oregonsmoke.blogspot.com or local media for updates. Smoke levels change over the course of a day, sometimes dramatically so air quality may be unhealthy for an hour or two at night but may be good the next morning. You should also rely on visibility (how far you can see during wildfires) to decide what precautions you may want to take.

Limit your exposure to wildfire smoke.

Reduce time spent outdoors.

Reduce time you negate in vigorous outdoor activity

Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water.

Reduce other sources of indoor smoke and dust.

Check current air quality conditions – http://oregonsmoke.blogspot.com/

If you have heart or lung or respiratory illnesses such as asthma, follow your health care provider’s advice about prevention and treatment of symptoms.

Food and Water Resources:

If you are experiencing a long-term power outage be mindful of food safety issues, refrigerator and freezer temperatures. If you are returning home after a long-term power outage (more than 2 days) you need a way to verify if the items in your refrigerator/freezer maintained appropriate temperatures before cooking/eating them. Frozen foods at or below 0°F and refrigerators at or below 40°F to be considered safe.

How can I get updated information from Lincoln County:

Lincoln Alerts Sign up or update your information with Lincoln Alerts –

By Telephone Information Call Center: 541-265-0616

Facebook Lincoln County Emergency Management - @lcemergencymanagement

Media Partners We regularly send updated information to our local media partners – digital, print,

radio. Sheriff Media Releases shared via https://www.flashalert.net/id/LCSO

Road Closures:

State Highways, www.tripcheck.org or 511

County Roads – check the county website – we will post the information to this update report. Special District – currently special road districts do not have a centralized way to report their closures – Lincoln County will post information as they receive it.

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