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Wildfire Readiness Events Announced - Lincoln County

The Lincoln County Fire Defense Board, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and Lincoln County Public Health are partnering together to prepare our community members, business owners and visitors on our local wildfire threat conditions, public safety evacuation response procedures and efforts individuals can take to be ready for wildfire season.

11 Wildfire Readiness events (announcement attached) are scheduled through June and July across all communities of Lincoln County. The presentations will incorporate specific topics to assist in the planning, mitigation, response and recovery from wildfire events for both our rural and city neighborhood areas.

The presentation will include topics such as:

-Wildfire history and seasonal fire conditions

-How to prepare your home, property, & family

-Evacuation Levels (Get Ready, Be Set, Go Now)

-What to expect if you receive an evacuation order

-Assistance after you evacuate

-How to minimize health effects of smoky conditions

-Pick up your HELP/OK sign

We have also established a "SEASONAL HAZARDS: WILDFIRE" website where community members can quickly access: Active Lincoln County Wildfire information (such as the current Trojan fire in the NE area of Lincoln County)Examples of the evacuation levels (1, 2, & 3) and an example evacuation notice (delivered by Law Enforcement)Outreach eventsCurrent weather conditionsContact information and maps of our Lincoln County Fire Districts/DepartmentsRecent media releases related to seasonal fire conditions, drought, outreach eventsSeasonal Hazards: Wildfire website - https://www.co.lincoln.or.us/emergencymanagement/page/seasonal-hazards-wildfire Sign up for or update your profile information in Lincoln Alerts: www.co.lincoln.or.us/alerts If you are unsure of how you should prepare, protect your home and property or what to expect when your neighborhood receives and evacuation notice...then we encourage you to stop by any of the offered events to hear important information from your local Fire District/Department, Law Enforcement, Public Health and Emergency Management representatives.

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