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American Cetacean Society-Oregon Chapter

Newport, OR, January 4, 2019 – Do you love whales and dolphins? Would you like to learn more about them?  The American Cetacean Society-Oregon Chapter naturalist training program will be starting soon. No science background is necessary, just a sincere interest in the subject and a willingness to devote time to learning more about these amazing animals.

 The program will cover the natural history of whales, focusing on species and habitats, field identification and interpretation techniques. Topics include marine mammals, seabirds, shore birds, and whale watch vessel etiquette. We will have special guest lectures and fun learning activities.

 Graduates of the program are qualified to represent the ACS Oregon chapter at whale watches, schools and other fun events, as well as participate in our citizen science project.

 There is a fee of $75.00 to cover your class materials. In addition, you will need a membership to the American Cetacean Society ($35.00) if you do not already have one.

 Anyone who has previously completed the ACS-Oregon Chapter naturalist training program is invited to attend at no charge for continuing education. It is a great way to learn new information, receive updates, hone your skills, and meet others.

 There is a mandatory attendance policy for the course as there is a lot to cover in a short period of time. Dates are February 2,9,16 and March 2 10 am- 5 pm each day. Newport Public Library, in the McEntee Meeting Room.

 Contact Joy at marine_lover4ever@yahoo.com or 541-517-8754 for more information.

The American Cetacean Society protects whales, dolphins, porpoises, and their habitats. The non-profit organization was founded in 1967 and is headquartered in San Pedro, CA. For more information, go to  www.acsonline.org

You can also find us on Facebook at American Cetacean Society-Oregon Chapter

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