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Artists: 2020 ODFW art competitions announced

SALEM, Ore – Artists are invited to compete in the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s 2020 Habitat Conservation Stamp, Waterfowl Stamp and Upland Game Bird Stamp art competitions. Collector’s stamps, art prints and other promotional materials are produced from first place artwork with the winning artists in each contest receiving a $2,000 award.

Entries can be delivered or shipped to ODFW headquarters between August 30 and 5 p.m. September 27, 2019 at 4034 Fairview Industrial Drive SE, Salem, OR 97302. Artists can enter one or all three competitions.

A panel judges original artwork on criteria including artistic composition, anatomical accuracy of the species, and general appeal. All qualifying submissions are displayed for public viewing at ODFW’s annual November art show, date TBD.

2019 Habitat Conservation Stamp, Franklin’s bumble bee by Karin Wares

Habitat Conservation Stamp Contest Art entries must feature an eligible species from the Oregon Conservation Strategy in its natural habitat. The list of eligible species is on the entry form. Revenue from the program is used to restore native habitats that are vital to our declining fish and wildlife species of greatest conservation concern.

2019 Waterfowl Stamp, greater white-fronted goose

Waterfowl Stamp Contest Art entries must feature one of the following species in its natural habitat setting: Ross’s goose, hooded merganser, blue-winged teal, or redhead. Sales of waterfowl stamps fund game bird research, surveys, habitat improvement and conservation projects.

2019 Upland Game Bird Stamp, ruffed grouse

Upland Game Bird Stamp Contest Art entries must feature the greater sage-grouse in its natural habitat setting. The sale of upland game bird stamps funds game bird research, surveys, habitat improvement and conservation projects.

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