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Burn Ban Lifted

With increased precipitation, cooler weather, and in coordination with the Oregon Department

of Forestry, the Lincoln County Fire Defense Board has lifted all burning restrictions effective

this morning at 0800. For those served by the Newport Fire Department, please check with Rob Murphy Newport Fire Chief at 541-265-9461 for requirements related to burning or permitting process.


North Lincoln Fire & Rescue – (541) 996-2233

Depoe Bay Fire District – (541) 764-2202

Newport Fire Department – (541) 265-9461

Seal Rock Fire District – (541) 563-4441

Central Coast Fire & Rescue – (541) 563-3121

Toledo Fire Department – (541) 336-3311

Siletz Fire District – (541) 444-2043

Yachats Fire District – (541) 547-3266

Oregon Department of Forestry – (541) 336-2273

Reminder: Carelessness is the largest cause of wildfire.

Escaped fires of any kind resulting in property damage requiring efforts from a fire agency or

multiple fire agencies, may result in fines and individual financial responsibility for damages

caused and for fire response recovery, per Oregon Revised Statue; 476.920 - Billing owner of

property for cost of extinguishing fire.

For questions, please contact Rob Murphy Newport Fire Chief at 541-265-9461

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